Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pere Ubu - Datapanik In The Year Zero-A [45] (1980)

The girls won't touch me cause I've got a misdirection
»Final Solution«

A-Side: Final Solution • B-Side: My Dark Ages
originally released 1976 / this release 1980 / Rough Trade RT 049
Band origin: Cleveland (Ohio)/US
Members on this recording: David Thomas (vcls)*, Peter Laughner (gtr, vcls)+, Tom Herman (gtr, vcls)*, Tim Wright (bs)+, Dave Taylor (synth)+, Scott Krauss (drms)*, Tony Maimone (bs)#, Allen Ravenstine (synth)#.
[* = A+B-Side / + = A-Side / # = B-Side]

note: both sides originally released on the Hearthan label (Final Solution/Cloud 149 in February 1976 • Street Waves/My Dark Ages in October 1976).

Get it here (vinyl rip) 320 kBit/s
password: data80

Further information:  Ubu Projex + Final Solution by Pere Ubu

Listen to Final Solution

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