Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fire Engines - Lubricate Your Living Room (1980)

I know the truth of the idiot youth is nothing than a guise
»Get Up And Use Me«

A-Side: Plastic Gift/Get Up And Use Me/Sympathetic Anaesthetic/Discord
B-Side: New Thing In Cartons/Hungry Beat/Lubricate Your Living Room Pt.1/Lubricate Your Living Room Pt.2
released 1980 / Pop Aural ACC 001
Band origin: Edinburgh (Scotland)/UK
Members on this recording: David Henderson (gtr, vcls), Murray Slade (gtr), Graham Main (bs), Russell Burn (drms).

Get it here (vinyl rip) 320 kBit/s
password: gift80

Further information:  MySpace: The Fire Engines

Listen to New Thing In Cartons


Anonymous said...

Can't Open

nacylliB olaffuB said...

The door? Your heart? The thermos jug? The jam jar? Or PERHAPS-THE-RAR-FILE? Maybe the password (gift80) put things right.

Chris said...

The laconic anonymous seems to be right : gift80 is not a valid password

Anyway your blog is a goldmine. Thanx for sharing such nuggets.

nacylliB olaffuB said...

The password is correct but I've given you the wrong link (you've got the rar-file of the Penetration-album instead)! I've fixed it now. Sorry for that.