Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bizarros (1979)

I'm so sick to hear about these modern girls with their heads always full of cocaine
»Quiana Girls«

A-Side: Young Girls At Market/The Waves Cry/Seeing Is Believing/Quiana Girls/After The Snow
B-Side: Laser Boys/Artie J./It Hurts, Janey/Lady Doubonette/Mind's Magnet/White Screen Movies
released 1979 / Mercury SRM-1-3776
Band origin: Akron (Ohio)/US
Members on this recording: Nick Nicholis (vcls), Gerald Parkins (lead gtr), Donald Parkins (gtr, bs), Terry Walker (keyb'ds, viola, gtr, bs), Rick Garberson (drms).

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Further information:  The Bizarros Official Web Site

Listen to Young Girls At Market