Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Radio Birdman - Rock'n' Roll War [demos + live 1976-78]

The eyes narrowed down behind Saigon Mirror shades.
»Dark Surprise«

A-Side: Death By The Gun/Dark Surprise/Didn't Tell The Man/If I Wanted To&Descent Into The Maelstrom
B-Side: Burn My Eye/Death By The Gun (Live)/American Ruse/Insane Alive/Search And Destroy/The Snake
released 1998 / Mission RB 001 [recorded 1976-78]
Band origin: Sydney/Australia
Members on this recording: Rob Younger (vcls), Deniz Tek (gtr), Chris Masuak (gtr), Warwick Gilbert (bs), Phillip Hoyle (keyb'ds), Ron Keeley (drms).

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Further information:  Radio Birdman Website

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Flag - Six Pack [45] (1982)

I was born with a bottle in my mouth
»Six Pack«

A-Side: Six Pack [single version]
B-Side: I've Heard It Before/American Waste
released 1982 / Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 9
Band origin: Hermosa Beach (California)/US
Members on this recording: Dez Cadena (vcls), Greg Ginn (gtr), Chuck Dukowski (bs), Robo [aka Roberto Valverde] (drms).

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password: pack82

Further information:  Black Flag Fansite

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Der Moderne Man - Umsturz im Kinderzimmer [E.P.] (1980)

Raus aus dieser Einöde!
»Gib mir den Tod«

A-Side: Gib Mir den Tod/Unmodern
B-Side: Das Disco-Lied/30 Grad -/30 Grad +
released 1980 / Heile Welt Records 0012
Band origin: Hannover/Germany
Members on this recording: Ziggy XY [aka Michael Jarick] (vcls), E.K.T. [aka Eckart Kurtz] (gtr, vcls), Thomas Schnurra (bs), Claudius Hempelmann (drms).
note: blank label / an alternate cover exists

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Further information:  MySpace: Der Moderne Man

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Throbbing Gristle - Adrenalin [45] (1980)

The thing I never mentioned that defines my sense of death – It is love
»Distant Dreams (Part Two)«

A-Side: Adrenalin • B-Side: Distant Dreams (Part Two)
released 1980 / Industrial Records IR0015
Band origin: London/UK
Members on this recording: Genesis P-Orridge [real name Neil Andrew Megson] (vcls, synth), Cosey Fanni Tutti [real name Christine Carol Newby] (gtr, synth), Peter Christopherson (tape, vibraphone), Chris Carter (keyb'ds).

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Further information:  Industrial Music For Industrial People

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Comsat Angels - Independence Day [E.P.] (1984)

I can't relax 'cause I haven't done a thing and I can't do a thing 'cause I can't relax
»Independence Day«

A-Side: Independence Day [re-recording] • B-Side: Intelligence
C-Side: Mister Memory (live) • D-Side: Total War (live)/After The Rain (live)
released 1984 / Jive Records JIVE 54 [double single]
Band origin: Sheffield/UK
Members on this recording: Steve Fellows (gtr, vcls), Kevin Bacon (bs), Andy Peake (keyb'ds, vcls), Mik Glaisher (drms), Paul Robertson (gtr on Side C + D).
note: Side C and D live at Sheffield University

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Further information:  The Comsat Angels - The Sleep No More Web-site

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Friday, November 19, 2010

David Thomas & The Pedestrians - The Sound Of The Sand (1981)

The details of my fabulous past. I wish I could send them away. 
»Man's Best Friend«

A-Side: The Birds Are Good Ideas/Yiki Tiki/The Crickets In The Flats/Sound Of The Sand/The New Atom Mine
B-Side: Big Dreams/Happy To See You/Crush This Horn, Pt. 2/Confuse Did/Sloop John B/Man's Best Friend
released 1981 / Rough Trade ROUGH 30
Band origin: Cleveland (Ohio)/US
Members on this recording: David Thomas (vcls), Richard Thompson (gtr), Philip Moxham (bs), Allen Ravenstine (synth), Eddie Thornton (trumpet), Anton Fier (drms). Additional musicians: John Greaves (bs, piano), Chris Cutler (drms), Alan Greene (gtr), Paul Hamann (bs), Ralph Carney (sax), Scott Krauss (drms), Mayo Thompson (acc).

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password: tiki81

Further information:  Pere Ubu Individual Biographies: David Thomas

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Buzzcocks - Love You More [45] (1978)

Don't wanna end up like no nine day wonder, I've been hurt so many times before
»Love You More«

A-Side: Love You More • B-Side: Noise Annoys
released 1978 / United Artists 36433 AT (German release)
Band origin: Manchester/UK
Members on this recording: Pete Shelley (gtr, vcls), Steve Diggle (gtr, back vcls), Steve Garvey (bs, back vcls), John Maher (drms).

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password: more78

Further information:  The Buzzcocks Website

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pop Group/Slits - Split Single [45] (1980)

We are not defeated – Don't ever appear to admit defeat
»Where There's A Will There's A Way«

A-Side: Pop Group - Where There's A Will There's A Way
B-Side: Slits - In the Beginning There Was Rhythm
released 1980 / Rough Trade RT 039A / Y1
Band origin: Bristol [Pop Group] • London [Slits]
Members on this recording:
[Pop Group] Mark Stewart (vcls), Gareth Sager (gtr, sax), John Waddington (gtr), Dan Katsis (bs), Bruce Smith (perc).
[Slits]  Ari Up (vcls), Viv Albertine (gtr), Tessa Pollitt (bs) Bruce Smith (drms).

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password: will80

Further information: 
The Pop Group Website
MySpace: The Slits + www.punk77.co.uk: The Slits

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Devo - B Stiff [6-Song E.P.] (1978)

If you obey society's rules you will be society's fools
»Social Fools«

A-Side: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
B-Side: Jocko Homo/Be Stiff/Mongoloid/Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Getting)/Social Fools
released 1978 / Stiff 6.23712 (German release)
Band origin: Akron (Ohio)/US
Members on this recording: Mark Mothersbaugh (vcls), Bob Mothersbaugh (lead gtr), Bob Casale (gtr), Jerry Casale (bs), Alan Myers (drms).
note: This 12-inch E.P. contains their first three singles with different version from the debut-album.

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password: jock78

Further information:  Devo Official Website

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Stockholm Monsters - Happy Ever After [45] (1982)

A-Side: Happy Ever After • B-Side: Soft Babies
released 1982 / Factory FAC 58
Band origin: Manchester/UK
Members on this recording: Tony France (gtr, vcls), Jed Duffy (bs), Lita Hira (keyb'ds), Lindsay Anderson (trumpet), Shan Hira (drms).

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password: soft82

Further information:  Stockholm Monsters Website

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cro-Mags - Age Of Quarrel [10-inch album] (1985)

I'm lookin' on and watchin' it corrode, gotta hold back or I'm gonna explode 
»Signs Of The Times«

A-Side: Signs Of The Times/Don't Treat On Me/Face The Facts/It's The Limit/Life Of My Own/Survival (Of The Streets)/Everybodys Gonna Die
B-Side: World Peace/By Myself/Show You No Mercy/Malfunction/Hard Times/Dub
released 1985 / private pressing
Band origin: New York City/US
Members on this recording: John Joseph McGeown [aka John Joseph / John Bloodclot] (lead vcls), Parris Mitchell Mayhew (gtr), Harley Frances Flanagan (bs, vcls), Mackie Jayson (drms).
note: This 10-inch was released by the band prior to their official debut-album. It has a much rawer sound with different versions and was limited to 1,500.

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password: hard85

Further information:  The Official Cro-Mags Website

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Raincoats - Running Away [45] (1982)

I'm gonna turn you down, I want mess you around
»No Ones Little Girl«

A-Side: Running Away • B-Side: No Ones Little Girl
released 1982 / Rough Trade RT 093
Band origin: London/UK
Members on this recording: Ana da Silva (vcls, gtr), Gina Birch (vcls, bs), Vicky Aspinall (violin), Ingrid Weiss (drms).

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password: away82

Further information:  The Raincoats Website

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