Thursday, December 23, 2010

Passage - Troops Out [45] (1981)

It's funny every TV comic jokes about the Taigs
You never hear them laugh about the loyalist brigades

»Troops Out«

A-Side: Troops Out [single version] B-Side: Hip Rebels
released 1981 / Night & Day ampm 22:00
Band origin: Manchester/UK
Members on this recording: Dick Witts (vcls, synth), Andrew Wilson (gtr), Joey McKechnie (drms).

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password: hip81

Further information:  The Passage Website

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Alternative TV - Life [45] (1978)

I make out it's poetry, that's why I'm screamin' at ya

A-Side: Life • B-Side: Love Lies Limp
released 1978 / Deptford Fun City DFC 005
Band origin: London/UK
Members on this recording: Mark Perry (lead vcls), Alex Fergusson (gtr, back vcls), Tyrone Thomas (bs), John Towe (drms).

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password: lies78

Further information:  Mark Perry Website

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Desperate Bicycles - Remorse Code (1979)

Are you a vcictim?

A-Side: I Am Nine/Walking The Talking Channel/A Can Of Lemonade/Pretty Little Analyse/Acting
B-Side: It's Somebody's Birthday Today/Sarcasm/Trendy Feelings/Natural History/Blasting Radio
released 1979 / Refill Records RR 6
Band origin: London/UK
Members on this recording: Danny Wigley (vcls, stylophone), Dan Electro (gtr), Nicky Stephens (bs, hrmnca), Jeff Titley (drms).

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password: trend79

Further information:  Topplers: Desperate Bicycles + Desperate Bicycles

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Mission accomplished

All the links are working again. Enjoy the music.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pere Ubu - Datapanik In The Year Zero [E.P.] (1978)

Maybe you see further than I can see, or maybe things all just look differently
»Heart Of Darkness«

A-Side: Heart Of Darkness*/30 Seconds Over Tokyo°
B-Side: Cloud 149¹/Untitled [The Modern Dance]²/Heaven³
released 1978 / Radar Records RDR1
Band origin: Cleveland (Ohio)/US
Members on this recording: David Thomas (vcls), Tom Herman (gtr, bs), Tim Wright (bs, gtr*°¹²), Peter Laughner (gtr*°¹), Allen Ravenstine (synth°²³), Scott Krauss (drms), Dave Taylor (synth, organ¹), Alan Greenblatt (gtr²), Tony Maimone (bs³)
note: An early anthology containing all tracks - except "Final Solution" - from their first three singles.

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password: cloud78

Further information:  Ubu Projex

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Josef K - Radio Drill Time [45] (1980)

This is your life and this is so small
»Crazy To Exist«

A-Side: Radio Drill Time • B-Side: Crazy To Exist
released 1980 / Postcard 80-3
Band origin: Edinburgh/UK
Members on this recording: Paul Haig (vcls, gtr), Malcolm Ross (gtr, piano), David Weddell (bs), Ronnie Torrance (drms).

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password: exist80

Further information:  Josef K Website

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Malaria! - New York Passage [12-inch E.P.] (1982)

You say again and again time must be right
»Your Turn To Run«

A-Side: Your Turn To Run (I Will Be Your Only One)
B-Side: Zarah/Duschen
released 1982 / Das Büro Records BÜRO 001
Band origin: Berlin/Germany
Members on this recording: Bettina Köster (vcls, sax), Manon Duursma (gtr), Susanne Kuhnke (synth), Christine Hahn (gtr, keyb'ds, drms), Gudrun Gut (drms, vcls).

Get it here (vinyl rip) 320 kBit/s
password: turn82

Further information:  Malaria! Website

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

About Sharebee (and what I will do now)

It looks like that the links of all the files I had previously uploaded to Sharebee are dead. I will re-upload the files via Multiupload, but it'll take time.

The Police - Fall Out [45] (1977)

I saw my education it was my indoctrination just to be another parking machine
»Fall Out«

A-Side: Fall Out • B-Side: Nothing Achieving
released 1977 / Illegal IL 001
Band origin: London/UK
Members on this recording: Henry Padovani (gtr), Sting [real name Gordon Sumner] (bs, vcls), Stewart Copeland (drms, gtr).

Get it here (vinyl rip) 320 kBit/s
password: fall77

Further information:  The Police Website

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

V.A. - All For Art... And Art For All (1984)

A-Side: Revolving Paint Dream: In the Afternoon • Mixers: Never Find Time • Page Boys: Honey • Tangerine Experience: Only The Sky Children Know • Pastels: I Wonder Why • Jowe Head: Lolita • Direct Hits: Girl In The Picture • TV Personalities: The Dream Inspires.
B-Side: Mad Hatters: Dancing With The Dead • Jed Dmochowski: I'm Sad • Laughing Apple: Wouldn't You? • Gifted Children: My Favorite Films • Mixers: Love Hurts • Direct Hits: What Killed Aleister Crowley? • Jowe Head: February • TV Personalities: Happy All The Time (version).
released 1984 / Whaam! BIG 8

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password: art84

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Listen to Mad Hatters - Dancing With The Dead

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Swell Maps - Real Shocks [45] (1979)

So you seek to destroy - this has all been planned
»Real Shocks«

A-Side: Real Shocks • B-Side: English Verse/Monologues
released 1979 / Rough Trade RT 021
Band origin: London/UK
Members on this recording: Nikki Sudden [real name Adrian Godfrey] (gtr, vcls), Biggles Books [real name Richard Earl] (gtr, back vcls), Jowe Head [real name Stephen Bird] (bs, back vcls), Epic Soundtracks [real name Kevin Paul Godfrey] (drms, piano), Phones B. Sportsman [real name David Barrington] (gtr, mouthorgan, tin whistle, skin drum, whsitling, back vcls).

Get it here (vinyl rip) 320 kBit/s
password: real79

Further information:  Jowe Head's Swell Maps Discography

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

B-52's - Rock Lobster [45] (1978)

These are the girls of the U.S.A., the principle girls of the U.S.A.
»52 Girls«

A-Side: Rock Lobster [single version] • B-Side: 52 Girls [single version]
released 1978 / Boo-Fant Tunes PSR 4368 Band origin: Athens (Georgia)/US
Members on this recording: Kate Pierson (vcls, organ), Fred Schneider (vcls, bs), Ricky Wilson (gtr), Cindy Wilson (vcls, bongoes), Keith Strickland (drms).

Get it here (vinyl rip) 320 kBit/s
password: rock78

Further information:  The B-52's Official Website

Listen to 52 Girls [single version]

Friday, December 3, 2010

Pastels - I'm Alright With You [12-inch Single] (1985)

A-Side: I'm Alright With You [single version]
B-Side: Couldn't Care Less/What It's Worth
released 1985 / Creation CRE 923 T
Band origin: Glasgow/UK
Members on this recording: Stephen Pastel [aka Stephen McRobbie] (gtr, vcls), Brian Taylor (gtr), Martin Hayward (bs), Bernice Simpson (drms), Aggi [aka Annabel Wright] (vcls).

Get it here (vinyl rip) 320 kBit/s
password: care85

Further information:  The Pastels Website

Listen to I'm Alright With You [single version]

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Essential Logic - Music Is A Better Noise [45] (1980)

The more I hear the less I know
»Music Is A Better Noise«

A-Side: Music Is A Better Noise • B-Side: Moontown
released 1980 / Rough Trade RT 053
Band origin: London/UK
Members on this recording: Lora Logic [aka Susan Whitby] (lead vcls, sax), Ashley Buff (gtr), Mark Turner (bs), Dave Wright (sax), Rich Tee (drms).

Get it here (vinyl rip) 320 kBit/s
password: moon80

Further information:  Essential Logic is a better noise

Listen to Music Is A Better Noise

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Radio Birdman - Rock'n' Roll War [demos + live 1976-78]

The eyes narrowed down behind Saigon Mirror shades.
»Dark Surprise«

A-Side: Death By The Gun/Dark Surprise/Didn't Tell The Man/If I Wanted To&Descent Into The Maelstrom
B-Side: Burn My Eye/Death By The Gun (Live)/American Ruse/Insane Alive/Search And Destroy/The Snake
released 1998 / Mission RB 001 [recorded 1976-78]
Band origin: Sydney/Australia
Members on this recording: Rob Younger (vcls), Deniz Tek (gtr), Chris Masuak (gtr), Warwick Gilbert (bs), Phillip Hoyle (keyb'ds), Ron Keeley (drms).

Get it here (vinyl rip) 320 kBit/s
password: dark76

Further information:  Radio Birdman Website

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