Thursday, September 23, 2010

Desperate Bicycle - Smokescreen [45] (1977)

Smash a mirror if you don't have a wall

A-Side: Smokescreen • B-Side: Handlebars
released 1977 / Refill Records RR1
Band origin: London/UK
Members on this recording: Danny Wigley (vcls), Paul LeClerc (gtr), Roger Stephens (bs), Nicky Stephens (keyb'ds), Mel Oxer (drms).

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Further information:  Topplers: Desperate Bicycles + Desperate Bicycles

Listen to Smokescreen


Anonymous said...

Re: 'Smokescreen' Desperate Bicycles
Drummer: Mel Oxer
Guitar: Paul LeClerc

nacylliB olaffuB said...

Thanks for the info. I've taken the line-up from the Head Heritage review but according to the Wikipedia source I think you are right.