Monday, August 23, 2010

B-52's - Strobe Light [live 1979 – 2 LP-Bootleg]

Then I kiss your stomach – UH! Then I kiss your pineapple – IEEEEK!
»Strobe Light «

A-Side: 52 Girls/6060-842/Lava
B-Side: Private Idaho/Hero Worship
C-Side: Devil's In My Car/Dance This Mess Around/Running
D-Side: Strobe Light/Rock Lobster
recorded 1979 • released 198? / Centrifugal 12CENT 02
Band origin: Athens (Georgia)/US
Members on this recording: Kate Pierson (vcls, organ), Fred Schneider (vcls, bs), Ricky Wilson (gtr), Cindy Wilson (vcls, bongoes), Keith Strickland (drms).

Get it here (vinyl rip) 320 kBit/s
password: bftsl

Further information:  The B-52's Official Website

Listen to Strobe Light [live]


Pip said...

Thank You
Great Album

Anonymous said...

Bah! Sharebee has gone... any chance of a re-up? Would love to hear this.

Anonymous said...

Me again (Anonymous), just saying: Thanks! Really appreciate the re-up. Have a good Christmas.