Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Fall - Slates [6-Song 10-inch E.P.] (1981)

I used to hang like a chandelier
My lungs encrusted in blood but the flex is now cut clear
»Fit And Working Again«

A-Side: Middle Mass/An Older Lover Etc./Prole Art Threat
B-Side: Fit And Working Again/Slates, Slags, Etc./Leave The Capitol
released 1981 / Rough Trade TRADE 3/10
Band origin: Manchester/UK
Members on this recording: Mark E. Smith (vcls, piano, hrmnca), Marc Riley (gtr, piano, vcls), Craig Scanlon (gtr, piano), Steve Hanley (bs, gtr, vcls), Paul Hanley (drms, perc).

Get it here (vinyl rip) 320 kBit/s
password: slags81

Further information:  The Fall online

Listen to Fit And Working Again


mad4music said...

You, sir, have a record collection I can only dream about. Thank you again for all the excellent music you are sharing. This music sounds as vital now as it did back then. It takes me back to a time when rock music was still evolving and continued to push forward against the boundaries...

Anonymous said...

I do have this one myself - but will download it anyway - this is the FALL at it's best

nacylliB olaffuB said...

...and together with "Dragnet" and "Grotesque" the climax of their career!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! Though I learned about them through Peel with 'SMILE', the song that literary changed my life. On BFBS Köln that was. I still have the tape. Also featured on it: Red Lorry Yellow Lorry 'He's read', Ganggreen 'Snob', Alien Sex Fiend 'Wild Women (version)' (you don't own that, btw?), 'Birthday Party 'Swampland', Smiths 'Charming Man', etc... etc... what a cracker!