Thursday, December 23, 2010

Passage - Troops Out [45] (1981)

It's funny every TV comic jokes about the Taigs
You never hear them laugh about the loyalist brigades

»Troops Out«

A-Side: Troops Out [single version] B-Side: Hip Rebels
released 1981 / Night & Day ampm 22:00
Band origin: Manchester/UK
Members on this recording: Dick Witts (vcls, synth), Andrew Wilson (gtr), Joey McKechnie (drms).

Get it here (vinyl rip) 320 kBit/s
password: hip81

Further information:  The Passage Website

Listen to Troops Out [single version]

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Anonymous said...

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I hope you will surprise us with many more quality rips (they really sound smooth, unlike on many other blog).

That's why became your very first follower. Though, I don't know whether sych things are really important to you.

Have a wonderfull and healthy 2011.